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Heavy rigging for power and utilities requires expertise and professionalism. Moving generators, transformers, switchgears and other large equipment and machinery requires careful planning, project management and safety.

You can’t afford to take risks.

It’s not always easy to find a local company to perform moves and lifts that require specialized equipment. But the trained, insured and experienced personnel of H. Brown, Inc. have been rigging power generation and distribution equipment in Louisiana for nearly 80 years. Always dependable and honest, our team prides itself on meeting the needs of power plants and utilities at a reasonable price.

Three of the basic aspects of rigging are equipment, inspection and proper use.

Equipment. Our rigging equipment includes gantries, beam trolleys, jack and slide systems, Matjacks, air skates, trucks, reach lifts and cranes with lifting capacities up to 450 tons.

Inspection. H. Brown will always bring well-maintained equipment that is suited for the job at hand. Our riggers train in all of the following:

  • Industrial Basic Safety
  • Electrical Substation Training
  • Substation Awareness
  • Observer Spotter Training
  • Transmission & Baseline Training
  • Temporary Traffic Control

Proper use. Lots of companies use the same equipment. But too many of our competitors practice rigging techniques that put them and their co-workers at risk. Carelessness is unacceptable in industrial moves where time, money and safety are at stake. Professionalism and expertise are especially important in Power and Utilities, where adhering to schedules and maximizing plant uptime is of the utmost importance.

Qualified for Every Job

It’s important to select a company that can rig your power generation loads safely and effectively. You need riggers who can:

  • Select the right sling and rigging hardware
  • Interpret rigging capacity charts with accuracy
  • Confidently determine the center of gravity
  • Understand stress dynamics on wire ropes

OSHA requires riggers to be qualified based on knowledge, skills, and performance. Determining whether a rigger is “qualified” depends on that person’s knowledge and experience, but it is also based on the nature of the load and the lift, as well as the equipment used to hoist a particular load.

Employers must make sure the person can do the rigging work needed for the exact types of loads and lifts for a particular job with the equipment and rigging that will be used for that job. A qualified rigger:

  • Has a recognized degree, certificate, or professional standing, or
  • Has extensive knowledge, training, and experience, and
  • Can successfully demonstrate the ability to solve problems related to rigging loads.

Although rigger certification is not required by OSHA, H. Brown works with qualified riggers. This goes for all the hoisting for assembly and disassembly work we do with Louisiana’s power, utility and petrochemical industries. It also goes for any job where workers are within the fall zone and hooking, unhooking, or guiding a load, or doing the initial connection of a load to a component or structure.

Every load we work with has unique properties, and even a rigger with years of experience rigging structural components isn’t necessarily qualified to rig unstable or unusually heavy loads. Loads that may require a tandem lift, multiple-lifts, or use of custom rigging equipment require a rigger with the appropriate experience.

Also, a certified operator does not necessarily meet the requirements of a qualified rigger. A certified/qualified operator may meet the requirements of a qualified rigger, depending on the operator’s knowledge and experience with rigging.

H Brown’s rigging specialists can move any model and size transformer that is used in Louisiana’s power transmission and distribution. Whether the job calls for cranes, gantrys, jack-and-slide systems, heavy haul or hydraulic trailers, H. Brown’s power generation installation and relocation services will do the job safely, on time and according to your specifications.

Careful attention to every detail will ensure a successful, safe and damage-free move. Call H. Brown today and we’ll discuss your needs.

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