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Finding A Local Crane Service In 2018

Hiring a local crane service in 2018 can be difficult. There is a lot of information online that can be misleading. Whatever industry you’re in, H Brown has the cranes you’ll need for the job. We supply cranes for construction, utilities, road work, oil and gas, and...

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How to Choose a Crane Supplier for Industrial Lifts

When you look for crane suppliers, you want a partner who understands your needs, who not only works hard to design and manufacture equipment that works but who also makes every project safer and easier to carry out. With that in mind, here are a few factors to...

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Know When You Need Heavy Haul Trucking

Every day we see companies rolling the dice with transportation providers who don’t know heavy haul the way we do. Maybe a combination of truck and railroad flatbeds is all they need for some of their large shipping needs. But sometimes a big load won’t fit on the...

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The Many Benefits of Hydraulic Jack-and-Slide Systems

Is your team responsible for performing maintenance inside an industrial facility? Or maybe you are planning a plant expansion that will include the installation of heavy machinery? From inspections to expansions or turnarounds to new construction, there are lots of...

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The Role of the Lift Director in Safe Crane Operations

A good lift director is a natural leader, a person others will trust and follow who is not afraid to make informed decisions and stand behind them. It’s someone reliable and dependable who has the work experience necessary to ensure safe rigging and lifting...

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Types of Heavy Haul Equipment

Due to the high cost of heavy haul vehicles, most companies in Louisiana hire a transportation service like H Brown to do the job instead of running everything in-house. H Brown has decades of heavy haul service, and our expertise and equipment are available to you...

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Are You Looking for the Right Heavy Haul Company?

Once you’ve hitched up a piece of heavy cargo to a trailer, a lot can go wrong. Your equipment has to be properly secured, the operator has to have all the necessary paperwork and you have to think about the other vehicles sharing the highway with your load. Before...

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Rigging Lift Plans

Every successful lift starts with a plan. We’re surprised at how many in the rigging industry don’t really know how to plan a project accurately. The H. Brown team performs heavy lifts inside facilities where sensitive, heavy equipment has to be lifted in constrained...

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Safe Heavy Hauls Start with Louisiana Oversize Permits

Sometimes, utilities and petrochemical equipment need to be moved over highways and, unfortunately, traffic delays are often part of getting this equipment where it needs to be. Sometimes these loads require haulers to move utility lines, temporarily disrupting...

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Hiring a Jack-and-Slide Rigger

Family owned and operated since 1938, H. Brown is the most trusted provider of crane rental and cranes for hire in the gulf coast region. Our fleet, which includes cranes that can lift up to 450 tons, serves the power, petrochemical, utility and refinery industries in...

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Pilot Vehicles: Keeping Over-dimensional Hauls Safe

Here in Louisiana, the industries that move oversize/overweight loads include power plants, petrochemical facilities and utilities. A heavy-haul carrier that can handle and transport oversize/overweight loads of this magnitude is critical to continued growth in these...

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Rigging for Utilities

In 2017, the energy and utility sectors are in full swing, with high voltage power systems and petrochemical facilities expanding throughout the Gulf Coast. This growth means heavy equipment needs to be lifted and moved as more and more operational components are...

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Our Specialized Heavy-Haul Equipment

H. Brown, Inc. serves the heavy-haul needs of Lafayette, Opelousas, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, and beyond. We have cranes up to 450 tons, hydraulic trailers up to 500 tons, lowboys up to 220 tons, gantries up to 900 tons and slide systems up to 600 tons....

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Hire Dependable Power & Utilities Rigging Experts

Heavy rigging for power and utilities requires expertise and professionalism. Moving generators, transformers, switchgears and other large equipment and machinery requires careful planning, project management and safety. You can’t afford to take risks. It’s not always...

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Wide Load Shipping Services

Wide or oversized loads require extra care during transport. Not only do industry regulations and safety precautions need to be strictly adhered to, state and local ordinances concerning large loads must be followed to a “T.” Safety for Wide Load Shipments Safety is...

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What is a Critical Lift?

Once deemed critical, a lift becomes subject to additional precautions and protocols. What criteria must a load or lift operation meet in order to be considered critical? A load that would create any of the following conditions upon its upset or collision qualifies as...

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Jack and Slide Systems

A skidding system (also called a "jack and slide") can move a load on a guided track with a controlled friction service. This allows you to move very heavy loads smoothly and simply. For example, in the video below, the skid system can move up to 500 tons. So why and...

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