Lift-N-Lock Hydraulic Gantries: Versatile and Cost-Effective

Got an industrial rigging project and need some heavy lifting capability? H. Brown uses Lift-N-Lock Hydraulic Gantries that can move up to 900 tons. Our gantries hoist heavy payloads vertically and can move on tracks or rubber tires.

Our Lift-N-Lock Gantry is a mobile, self-propelled, variable-height, hydraulic lifting frame controlled from a remote, self-contained power module. H. Brown Gantries are designed to be operated on steel plates or skid tracks.

Since hydraulic gantries can be placed on tracks, they have the same mobility as mobile cranes. They have the advantage of flexibility, because cranes can only hoist loads when the rigging hook is directly above the load’s center of gravity. Hydraulic gantries can actually be placed next to the load. Used in tight spaces or in situations where the job is straddling water or other obstacles, our gantries can place a load properly.

Gantry systems are ideal positioning systems for automated manufacturing where conveyor belts transfer parts from one gantry station to another. Each gantry handles a particular job such as machining, gluing, assembling, inspection, printing, or packaging.

The control module incorporates a diesel fueled engine as the primary power source. All hydraulic valves and controls for all cylinders and the propel system are operated manually.

Standard features on Lift-N-Lock Gantries include:

  • A Telescopic Boom to ensure that the lift cylinders will not be hindered by any side loading forces and protect the cylinders from side loading pressures as well as damage to the chromed rods.
  • The Cam Lock Safety System provides true continual load protection throughout the duration of the lift. In the unlikely event a lift cylinder loses pressure or otherwise fails, this system engages to hold the load in place.
  • The Beam Header Plate firmly holds the lifting beam ,is mounted on a horizontal spherical bearing and allows full 360 degree rotation and side-to-side oscillation.
  • Boom Lift Cylinders power up and down and are designed to eliminate the use of hose reels. Double-locking valves are built into the lower base of the cylinders and are not subject to any hydraulic hose or tubing failures. All sections are allowed to operate at the same hydraulic pressure and ensure that the gantries cannot be overloaded. If a load is over the specified capacity, the system will simply not allow the gantry to lift the load.
  • A Planetary Self-Propel System is integrally built into each housing to allow the gantry to be propelled on flat plate or simple skid track. This drive system can easily be disengaged to become free-wheeling for tip downs or load centering.

H. Brown, Inc. serves Lafayette, Opelousas, Lake Charles, Alexandria, Baton Rouge, and beyond. We have cranes up to 450 tons, hydraulic trailers up to 500 tons, lowboys up to 220 tons, gantries and slide systems. Because H. Brown, Inc. handles such a wide variety of lifting, hauling and rigging jobs, we have to be resourceful to accomplish our work safely and on budget. And that’s what we do, every day.

Family owned and operated since 1938, H. Brown will always bring trained, insured and experienced personnel to your job, with well-maintained equipment that is best suited for the work we’re doing.

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