Why Rent a Crane?

Cranes get work done, pure and simple.

From the major lifts on construction sites to the installation of rooftop air conditioning units, cranes can give you the muscle you need. However, cranes are expensive, highly complicated pieces of equipment that require knowledgeable personnel to ensure the safety of the operators, and the crews working around them.

Crane failures and accidents can result in significant costs to replace damaged or broken crane components, repair any damage to the load, and mend any harm done to the property on or near the job site. At worst, such incidents can cause serious injuries, and even fatalities. In addition to the initial expense of the crane purchase, maintenance issues coupled with specialized tools for servicing, make owning a crane a considerable ongoing expense.

But what about renting a crane? The benefits include:

Cost savings

Renting a crane is much cheaper than purchasing a crane outright, and unless you perform a very high volume of jobs, it is unlikely that you will be able to recoup the cost of a crane’s purchase price. Renting a crane also saves money in personnel costs, as the rigging for crane lifts is highly specialized, and requires certified personnel to ensure proper procedures are followed at all times. Training for rigging certification can be expensive, and time consuming. However, if you rent a crane, the rigging personnel are already provided, so you don’t have to find qualified personnel on your own.

Time savings

A crane rental service can save time in several areas, including site set up, job completion, and transportation. Once your crane is rented, the rigging crew will manage all issues associated with the rental so you don’t have to. Additionally, depending on the job, utilizing a crane to make one large lift instead of numerous smaller lifts can result in substantial time savings over the course of the project. For example, instead of breaking a billboard up into smaller manageable pieces to mount, the crane allows you to make one single lift and complete the job all at once.


Crane rigging is a highly specialized and regulated skill. If not performed correctly, it can lead to a variety of problems and safety concerns. Qualified personnel are provided with a crane rental, which ensures your personnel stay safe, and that the rigging is performed correctly.

Specialized situations

Some jobs are impossible without the use of a crane, as they may require a large lift, or a lift at extreme height. Having a rental crane capable of performing these jobs gives you the advantage of being able to take on more work, while not taking on the expense of keeping, and maintaining a crane of your own.

No maintenance requirements

You are not liable for performing maintenance on the rented crane. For each job, the crane will arrive serviced and ready to be put to work. There’s no down time, and the crane is in top shape upon arrival.

Crane rentals provide a variety of advantages over purchasing your own crane, and there are many additional benefits beyond those listed above.

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