Professional Heavy Haul Transportation Saves Time and Money

Many construction and industrial projects require equipment and/or materials that are oversized and difficult to manage with traditional lifting and hauling equipment. Project managers in the oilfield, utilities, petrochemical, and power generation industries are used to managing heavy loads and various types of oversized loads on and around the worksite. However, when these loads are to be transported across the state or even cross state lines many more factors come into play.

Logistics and Permits

Before heavy haul transportation loads are even hoisted onto the trailer, the proper permits and legal considerations need to be procured for the intended route. Permitting can be a complicated process depending on the length of the trip and the dimensions of the proposed load.

Permits are based on the size, weight, and height of the load and can normally be obtained from each individual state’s Department of Transportation (DOT). You will be required to submit a route plan which will be reviewed by the DOT and either approved or modified to ensure that the load dimensions will safely pass under all bridges, tunnels, or other obstacles along the route.

If your load will pass through more than one state, you will need permits from each state along the route, regardless of how long the load travels in the state. Some states will have additional restrictions beyond dimensional limits, including top speed allowances and even restricted hours of travel to minimize traffic delays and ensure that all vehicles using the roadways are safe.

Professional heavy hauling companies should manage the entire permitting process efficiently and well ahead of time. Many state DOT offices can process and approve permits within the same business day; others require as much as three to four days to process a single permit request.

Lifting and Securing Oversize Loads

Assuming all permits and route plans have been approved, your oversize load will need to be properly hoisted and secured onto the appropriate trailer for the type of load you will be transporting. Hydraulic crane services are typically the most appropriate for this job as they can be rigged to safely and quickly lift even the most awkward loads. Hydraulic cranes can be designed to lift from 10 to 450 tons. By rigging multiple cranes on an exceptionally large load, even heavier weights can be lifted if needed.

The best crane service companies will have professional riggers trained in industrial rigging practices to ensure the safety of both equipment and onsite personnel.

Industrial Rigging Personnel should be trained in industrial basic safety, electrical substation training, substation awareness, observer spotter training, and transmission and baseline training.

Once lifted, the load can be secured to the trailers and transportation can begin.

The Benefits of H. Brown Heavy Haul Transportation

H. Brown is a full service industrial rigging, crane service, and heavy haul transportation provider. We ensure that our employees meet consistent safety standards and uphold the highest training standards in the industry. The safety of your equipment and personnel on the ground is important to us.

We specialize in making logistics and heavy haul transportation simple for your project, managing all permitting, route planning, and rigging requirements in-house, well in advance of your proposed move.

Our trucking and hoisting fleet contains equipment to manage all size and manner of project, from simple equipment moves to large scale, multi-lane oversize load projects.

On the jobsite, our highly trained rigging personnel will guide the rig up and rig down process, as well as lead any hoisting activities to ensure the highest level of safety possible.

The next time you plan a heavy haul project, consider H. Brown for all of your crane, industrial rigging, and hauling needs.

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