Jack and Slide Systems

A skidding system (also called a “jack and slide”) can move a load on a guided track with a controlled friction service. This allows you to move very heavy loads smoothly and simply. For example, in the video below, the skid system can move up to 500 tons.

So why and when should you consider using a jack and slide system? Let’s explore some of the situations in which the system proves most beneficial.

When you need to carry oversized and overweight equipment.

Jack and Slide systems are a safe, fast, and reliable way to transport even extremely large and awkward equipment. They are ideal for loading, offloading, and transloading items that require a rigid, load carrying track. Some examples  of these include generators, transformers, pressure vessels and compressors.

When dealing with a limited work space.

A jack and slide system makes it easy to move extremely heavy equipment in areas where movement is limited. Surprisingly small in proportion to their strength, systems capable of moving 500 tons are typically less than 10 feet long. This allows for extremely accurate positioning, even in precarious places.

For safety concerns — which is always.

Considered to be one of the safest and most efficient systems for conveying loads, skidding systems can be controlled remotely, and, as such, no personnel needs be near the equipment when a load is moving.

When precision matters.

Sometimes a crane, or other lifting equipment, simply cannot achieve certain placement specifications. In some cases, a load is just too much for a crane to safely and efficiently handle. Since loads can be moved directionally, skidding systems place loads according to even the most exacting specifications without putting undue stress on your equipment.

When it comes to heavy duty rigging work, there is no room for error. A quality skidding system is one of the most precise and cost-effective ways to move, load, and unload heavy equipment among other, various and oversized cargo. These systems are manufactured using ultra high strength materials and engineered to withstand immense load pressure. Skid track systems are also surprisingly simple to set up and to operate.

With rigging experts trained to operate skidding systems on a variety of sites and under different load requirements, H. Brown, Inc. can provide all-inclusive jack and slide services. Contact H. Brown Cranes to find out more about the properties and benefits of jack and slide systems, and whether one might be the answer to your heavy hauling needs.

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