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In for the HEAVY Haul

Heavy Haul trucking takes focus and passion. Loads have to be shipped professionally, safely, and on-time. It ain’t easy. That’s why it takes a pro to do it right.

Getting a heavy load onto the trailer or transporter isn’t even the beginning. There’s a lot of thoughtful planning involved. That’s why finding videos of pros in action is satisfying for us here at H. Brown. Finding heavy haul videos “gone wrong” is scary and cringeworthy. But (we have to admit) it’s sometimes entertaining.

Let’s take a look so you see what we mean.

Vintage Heavy Haul Trucks move Railroad equipment

These old trucks (Mack Bulldogs, CAT-powered Kenworth, etc) are getting it done. This time, it’s antiques moving antiques–with style. Many of these trucks in the video are passed along to close friends and family members, even appearing at truck shows. In the video, however, these vintage trucks are hauling a heavy load as they carry Edaville Railroad equipment to Maine. It’s a sight you don’t see every day. Look closely and you will even view a COE (cab over engine) among the convoy.

Hauling two locomotives over 1,200 miles

Two locomotives, more than 1,200 miles, in just four days. Otherwise, it will result in a missed ferry–and tens of thousands of dollars lost while waiting for new permits and the next ferry. Two trains are loaded onto eight axle, sixty-four wheeled trailers. You think that isn’t a hard job. Check this out: It all happens over the rough and tumble Australian terrain.

Now you’re ready to see heavy hauling done right …

Heavy haul trucking can certainly keep you on your toes. Don’t make the same mistake of using the wrong company for a big job. Turn to the professionals at H. Brown, Inc. We have the fleet to handle any heavy haul, no matter if it is in-state or across the country.

Got a job too big for conventional heavy trucks and lowboys? H. Brown has dual lane trailers and hydraulic platform trailers for oversize loads. Contact H. Brown, Inc., today for a free quote and more information.

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