Texas Plant Expansion

Heavy Lifting

2016 started off with a bang when a longtime customer of H. Brown, Inc., needed to prepare for a major plant expansion in Texas. The work involved a large lay down area being built (to serve as storage for the 25 oversize pieces currently in the way), several pieces of process equipment being carefully unloaded, several bullet tanks being set and a 60-foot diameter silo roof needing to be moved.

H Brown, Inc., supplied the 5 large cranes, a 24,000 pound extended reach forklift, 2 250-ton lowboys and a truck with steering dolly to get everything done safely and on budget.

Once the silo was built, H. Brown had to stand up the process equipment and install it inside the silo. The largest of the pieces was 12-feet-square by 50 feet long and weighed 50,000 pounds Rolling blocks were used to stand all the pieces up smoothly, then they were lifted over the 75-foot-high walls of the silo for installation. Once all seven pieces were set, H. Brown had to lift the silo roof again and set it on top of the walls to complete the job.

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