How to Choose a Crane Supplier for Industrial Lifts

When you look for crane suppliers, you want a partner who understands your needs, who not only works hard to design and manufacture equipment that works but who also makes every project safer and easier to carry out.

With that in mind, here are a few factors to consider when looking for a supplier for your lifting and rigging needs.

Maintenance and Transport Equipment

In heavy industries, we’re constantly moving loads. At H Brown, we use Our hydraulic jacking systems and cranes to move heavy equipment in tight or hard-to-access parts of an industrial facility. We have moved petrochemical and electric utilities equipment that weighed 3,000 up to 1 million pounds. A good supplier will make the job easier by providing top-quality handling equipment, such as spreader bars, forklifts, and the correctly sized rigging.

Top-level Certification and Standards in Lifting and Weighing Safety

Crane lifting must be handled with great care. Misuse can be dangerous and, therefore, you should always rely on a company that has all the standards and product certifications, as they will provide maximum security in all projects.

Pulling the Plan Together

Your team will need to follow the lift plan carefully and adhere to the following steps before starting the lift:

  • Make sure all equipment has up-to-date inspections
  • Identify a manager for the job—usually a safety professional or person-in-charge (PIC)
  • Identify the crane operator for the job
  • Inspect all components to be used
  • Train all team members who will be participating in the lift to ensure they can follow proper rigging techniques
  • Clear the job site of any and all debris, hazards or obstructions and non-essential personnel

There’s no room for overconfidence and inexperience when it comes to rigging your project. The H. Brown team can work with you to create a lift plan for you that emphasizes safety and that will complete your work on-time and on budget.

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