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With over 77 years of extensive experience in heavy lifting equipment, ranging from cranes to crawlers, you can rest assured that all of our used equipment is in tip-top shape. Read on to find out a little more about our used cranes and equipment, especially how we select and maintain this equipment to ensure that you get the most out of its operating life.


The lifespan of a crane is generally about 15 years, and while there are cranes and crawlers that have been around for longer, we don’t sell anything past that age. Generally, our cranes range in age from about 5-10 years old, with corresponding price points depending on age.  While you can absolutely get a cheap crane that is past 10 years old, it is not recommended; at that point, the equipment is pushing the edge of its recommended service life, which can result in a whole host of problems for everyone involved.


With our experience, we are fully aware of all provisions and standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), particularly where it applies to cranes, jacks, hoists, and the like. Through regular maintenance, we keep our equipment efficient, functioning, and in compliance with all relevant standards and legislation.

Insurance and Training

All of our crane operators are NCCCO certified, and we are fully insured.  As we cover a large range of fields, including nuclear, oilfield, petrochemical, utilities, construction, demolition, commercial, and power generation, our specialist staff are up to date and well trained on their field of expertise.


Cranes, when well maintained, can last well up to the end of their service life. We take pride in carrying out careful and intensive maintenance, including frequent preventative maintenance, non destructive testing (NDT) of each crane’s wire ropes, internal imaging to identify any and all faults, and checking the vibration of parts in order to ensure parts have not been subject to undue pressures and forces.

Refurbishment and Upgrades

Older cranes can be refurbished and restored to working shape, and upgraded as well. Not only can we swap out older, worn out parts, thus ensuring that our customer will receive only the best quality crane and equipment. Indeed, entire components can be switched or even modified, ranging from cables, controls, hoists, and other vital parts–all without sacrificing effectiveness.

At H Brown Cranes, we have been in business for over seven decades. Throughout the years, we have developed a strong business reputation. Contact us today to learn more about our used cranes and construction equipment.

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