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You need the right trailer to haul oversized freight. But which is better: a lowboy or an RGN trailer?



Let’s look at the differences.


Lowboy Trailers


Need to haul something that is taller than what you can legally carry on a flatbed? Maybe industrial equipment (like a bulldozer)? Lowboy trailers are unpowered trailers used to do exactly this.


 55 Ton lowboy

55 Ton lowboy


Here are the maximum dimensions for a lowboy trailer:

  • Maximum freight weight: 40,000 pounds (with two axles) and up to 80,000 pounds (with extra axles)
  • Maximum well length: 24-29.6 feet
  • Maximum well height: 18-24 inches
  • Maximum legal width: 8.5 feet
  • Maximum legal freight height: 11.5-12 feet
  • Maximum legal overall load height: 14 feet



RGN Trailers


Need to haul construction equipment, trucks or other motorized equipment? Is the total freight long AND tall? If so, you might need a RGN (removable gooseneck) trailer. They’re sometimes called “double drop” or “lowboys,” but not all lowboys and double drops have a removable gooseneck.


RGN trailer

RGN trailer, over 100 feet nose to tail


The front detaches, allowing the trailer to be lowered to the ground. Thius creates a ramp for the vehicles being hauled to be driven onto the trailer. Once loaded, the tractor backs up to the trailer and the RGN reattaches to the rest of the trailer.


RGN trailers can have a mechanical vs hydraulic system, the first being cheaper and lighter weight and the latter having more weight and expense, but easier to use. RGN trailers come in a variety of lengths and axle configurations. RGN trailers can go up to 20+ axles, so they can carry freight up to 150,000 pounds.

Here are the maximum dimensions for a RGN trailer:

  • Maximum freight weight: 42,000 pounds
  • Maximum well length: 29 feet (main deck)
  • Maximum well width: 8.5 feet
  • Maximum legal freight height: 11.6 feet

H. Brown, Inc. has lowboys up to 220 tons, plus dollies and extra axles to move your equipment or structures. Our equipment includes:

  • 220 Ton Oilfield Lowboy
  • 16 axle lines of Goldhofer Platform Trailers with drop deck
  • 200 Ton Dual-lane Transporter with up to 63’ of deck
  • 150 Ton Dual-lane Transporter with 28’ of deck
  • 85 Ton Double Gooseneck Lowboy with up to 71’ of deck

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