Nuclear Transportation: Safe Delivery of Radioactive Materials

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Accidents like the ones at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, or Fukushima have become reminders of nuclear power’s lethality and unpredictability. And yet, when it comes to heavy-haul transportation and the nuclear industry in the United States, such fears are largely unfounded thanks to stringent regulation and the professionalism of carriers like H Brown who specialize… Read more »

Safe Heavy Hauls Start with Louisiana Oversize Permits

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Sometimes, utilities and petrochemical equipment need to be moved over highways and, unfortunately, traffic delays are often part of getting this equipment where it needs to be.  Sometimes these loads require haulers to move utility lines, temporarily disrupting service to residents along the way. These disruptions on the nation’s highways are something we at H. Brown take seriously. We minimize… Read more »

Pilot Vehicles: Keeping Over-dimensional Hauls Safe

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Here in Louisiana, the industries that move oversize/overweight loads include power plants, petrochemical facilities and utilities. A heavy-haul carrier that can handle and transport oversize/overweight loads of this magnitude is critical to continued growth in these sectors. While some of our competitors move mobile cranes, dozers and excavators, we here at H. Brown have the… Read more »

Wide Load Shipping Services

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Wide or oversized loads require extra care during transport. Not only do industry regulations and safety precautions need to be strictly adhered to, state and local ordinances concerning large loads must be followed to a “T.” Safety for Wide Load Shipments Safety is especially critical when it comes to wide load transport. A driver should follow… Read more »

Heavy Haul Videos

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In for the HEAVY Haul   Heavy Haul trucking takes focus and passion. Loads have to be shipped professionally, safely, and on-time. It ain’t easy. That’s why it takes a pro to do it right. Getting a heavy load onto the trailer or transporter isn’t even the beginning. There’s a lot of thoughtful planning involved. That’s why finding videos… Read more »

Dual Lane Trailer/Transporter Permits and Rules

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Dual Lane Trailer/Transporter Permits and Rules   Dual lane transporters are made to spread the load you’re hauling so it will meet highway and bridge-load limits.   Dual lane transporters are perfect for moving heavy loads, including power plant equipment (such as transformers, turbines, and generators) and refinery equipment (like pressure vessels and exchangers) over public… Read more »

Our Jack and Slide System

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If you’ve ever driven down an American freeway or looked over at a busy waterway, you’ve probably noticed flatbed trucks or wide container ships mounting even larger, oversized cargo, usually roped or chained down to the deck. The cargo on these ships ranges from massive, self-contained electric transformers to concrete pilings and structures. You may,… Read more »