Hiring a Jack-and-Slide Rigger

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Family owned and operated since 1938, H. Brown is the most trusted provider of crane rental and cranes for hire in the gulf coast region. Our fleet, which includes cranes that can lift up to 450 tons, serves the power, petrochemical, utility and refinery industries in Louisiana and beyond. Sometimes, however, cranes can’t be counted on to safely… Read more »

Rigging for Utilities

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In 2017, the energy and utility sectors are in full swing, with high voltage power systems and petrochemical facilities expanding throughout the Gulf Coast. This growth means heavy equipment needs to be lifted and moved as more and more operational components are being assembled on-site to beef up operations. These jobs call for special lifting… Read more »

3 Scenarios Where You Need Hydraulic Jacking

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Occasionally, customers come to us with their crane rental needs and don’t realize that a massive project (even if it’s one that they’re currently working on) may need some special equipment. For example, where they thought they needed traditional crane service, they actually had a jack and slide project on their hands.   Our industrial rigging customers… Read more »

What are Lift-N-Lock Hydraulic Gantries?

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Naturally, some of the best construction and demolition equipment was created to meet evolving needs–used for a variety of industrial rigging projects around the world, hydraulic gantries are a prime example.  In this post, we’ll discuss the specific advantages Lift-N-Lock Hydraulic Gantries over other, similar equipment. Hydraulic gantries were originally developed in the 1960s. At… Read more »

Rigging Concerns in Demolition Projects

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Demolition is a naturally dangerous activity. While it’s become safer over time, the tearing down of buildings can cause unplanned collapses and exposure to hazardous materials . Below, we’ve covered some of the top rigging concerns in these projects, and have provided some tips for ensuring safety and reducing accidents. Pre-Demolition Process A number of… Read more »

Safe Rigging Jobs Require Proper Planning and Precaution

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The term “rigging” originated as a nautical word defined as the ropes, chains, and other lines that support the mast and spars of a vessel or serves to set and trim the sails. Today, rigging is the process of moving heavy loads with slings, hoists, and other equipment. In much the same way rigging had… Read more »