Securing Super Heavy and Over-Dimensional Loads

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Safely securing super heavy or over-dimensional loads is a matter of grave concern. Although incidents involving the loss of heavy equipment or cargo are infrequent, when they do occur severe injuries or fatalities can be the result. Securing heavy equipment such as that used in the construction, power generation and oilfield industries fall under the… Read more »

7 Tips for Safe Heavy Haul Trucking

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Over-dimensional or heavy haul trucking is no small feat (pun intended). It requires careful planning and execution in order to be successful and avoid accidents or injuries. Here are seven tips that will ensure you move your load safely. 1. Prepare in advance It’s vital that you thoroughly prepare for the move and do so… Read more »

Hiring a Wide Load Shipping Company

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When hauling super heavy or over-dimensional loads, everything must go right. You need the right equipment and a capable well-trained driver to transport the load. You must obtain the right licenses and permits, select the right routes, and adhere to state-by-state regulations. You may even need to hire a professional escort service. Most of all,… Read more »

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Crane Service

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  To find the best crane service near me …   Hiring a crane service is a necessity in industries such as oil & gas, construction, utilities and demolition. Due to the sizable expenditures related to equipment cost, maintenance and training of operators, using for-hire crane services like H. Brown presents a less expensive, more viable… Read more »

Facts About Transporting Heavy and Over Dimensional Loads

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In over the road transport, overweight and over dimensional loads are those that exceed the standard legal size or weight limits for a specified portion of a road, highway or other transport infrastructure. Restrictions include such factors as load per axle, height, and width. Vehicles that exceed legal limits require a special permit that allows… Read more »

4 Reasons Your Company Should Not View Wideload Transportation as DIY

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  When it comes to transport shipping, many companies, even those on the smaller side, have their own transport equipment. Semis and trailers successfully haul heavy loads both interstate and intrastate. Using manpower, ramps, pulleys, and cranes, heavy shipments can be safely loaded, transported, and unloaded. However, when these payloads extend beyond the size of… Read more »

Cranes Delicately Bear the Weight of Nuclear Power Plants

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When thinking of nuclear power plants, iconic images of Three-Mile Island may materialize or perhaps a scene from a futuristic movie or perhaps recent reports seen on the news replay. Few people are aware of the magnitude of the existing nuclear infrastructure and the plans for further construction. Even fewer are aware of the important… Read more »