Hire a Crane

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Cranes have become a crucial aspect of building construction, due to the indispensable services they provide when it comes to moving heavy materials. They have been around since ancient times, and their development is interrelated with the emergence of new power sources that significantly reduce our lifting responsibilities. New crane models are even equipped with various features,… Read more »

Why Rent a Crane?

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Cranes get work done, pure and simple. From the major lifts on construction sites to the installation of rooftop air conditioning units, cranes can give you the muscle you need. However, cranes are expensive, highly complicated pieces of equipment that require knowledgeable personnel to ensure the safety of the operators, and the crews working around… Read more »

H. Brown is Louisiana’s Crane Service Putting Safety First

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Safe operation of mobile cranes requires a keen awareness of several, often interrelated, factors. Skipping over or inadequately performing safety procedures can result in crane failures and accidents. These cost money for the replacement of damaged or broken crane components, damage to the load, and damage to property on or near the job site. At worst,… Read more »

Dual Lane Trailer/Transporter Permits and Rules

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Dual Lane Trailer/Transporter Permits and Rules   Dual lane transporters are made to spread the load you’re hauling so it will meet highway and bridge-load limits.   Dual lane transporters are perfect for moving heavy loads, including power plant equipment (such as transformers, turbines, and generators) and refinery equipment (like pressure vessels and exchangers) over public… Read more »

9 Types of Fixed Cranes

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Like we discussed with our primer on the types of mobile cranes, when you’re starting out in construction or hiring your first contractor for crane service, it’s useful to have a sense of the tools available to you. Many fixed cranes are incredibly specialized, but outside of those situations, having the right crane for the… Read more »

10 Types of Mobile Cranes

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If you’re just jumping into hauling and construction, getting a firm grasp on the types of mobile cranes at your disposal is important. While some are so specialized that there’s no mistaking what they do, selecting the right crane is the difference between costly mistakes and getting the job done on time and under budget…. Read more »

3 Scenarios Where You Need Hydraulic Jacking

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Occasionally, customers come to us with their crane rental needs and don’t realize that a massive project (even if it’s one that they’re currently working on) may need some special equipment. For example, where they thought they needed traditional crane service, they actually had a jack and slide project on their hands.   Our industrial rigging customers… Read more »

9 Crane Rental Tips to Remember

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Renting a crane can be a relatively simple process if you know what you’re doing and take the proper steps to prepare. If you don’t, it can be an ordeal of the highest magnitude. There are a lot of parties involved, a lot of organizing to do and a lot that can go wrong.  … Read more »