Rigging Lift Plans

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Every successful lift starts with a plan. We’re surprised at how many in the rigging industry don’t really know how to plan a project accurately.  The H. Brown team performs heavy lifts inside facilities where sensitive, heavy equipment has to be lifted in constrained areas with little or no headroom and obstructions everywhere. These complex projects require careful planning and execution. Here’s… Read more »

Safe Heavy Hauls Start with Louisiana Oversize Permits

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Sometimes, utilities and petrochemical equipment need to be moved over highways and, unfortunately, traffic delays are often part of getting this equipment where it needs to be.  Sometimes these loads require haulers to move utility lines, temporarily disrupting service to residents along the way. These disruptions on the nation’s highways are something we at H. Brown take seriously. We minimize… Read more »

Hiring a Jack-and-Slide Rigger

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Family owned and operated since 1938, H. Brown is the most trusted provider of crane rental and cranes for hire in the gulf coast region. Our fleet, which includes cranes that can lift up to 450 tons, serves the power, petrochemical, utility and refinery industries in Louisiana and beyond. Sometimes, however, cranes can’t be counted on to safely… Read more »

Pilot Vehicles: Keeping Over-dimensional Hauls Safe

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Here in Louisiana, the industries that move oversize/overweight loads include power plants, petrochemical facilities and utilities. A heavy-haul carrier that can handle and transport oversize/overweight loads of this magnitude is critical to continued growth in these sectors. While some of our competitors move mobile cranes, dozers and excavators, we here at H. Brown have the… Read more »

Rigging for Utilities

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In 2017, the energy and utility sectors are in full swing, with high voltage power systems and petrochemical facilities expanding throughout the Gulf Coast. This growth means heavy equipment needs to be lifted and moved as more and more operational components are being assembled on-site to beef up operations. These jobs call for special lifting… Read more »

Hire Dependable Power & Utilities Rigging Experts

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Heavy rigging for power and utilities requires expertise and professionalism. Moving generators, transformers, switchgears and other large equipment and machinery requires careful planning, project management and safety.   You can’t afford to take risks.     It’s not always easy to find a local company to perform moves and lifts that require specialized equipment. But the… Read more »

Lift-N-Lock Hydraulic Gantries: Versatile and Cost-Effective

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Got an industrial rigging project and need some heavy lifting capability? H. Brown uses Lift-N-Lock Hydraulic Gantries that can move up to 900 tons. Our gantries hoist heavy payloads vertically and can move on tracks or rubber tires. Our Lift-N-Lock Gantry is a mobile, self-propelled, variable-height, hydraulic lifting frame controlled from a remote, self-contained power module. H…. Read more »

Wide Load Shipping Services

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Wide or oversized loads require extra care during transport. Not only do industry regulations and safety precautions need to be strictly adhered to, state and local ordinances concerning large loads must be followed to a “T.” Safety for Wide Load Shipments Safety is especially critical when it comes to wide load transport. A driver should follow… Read more »