3 Scenarios Where You Need Hydraulic Jacking

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Occasionally, customers come to us with their crane rental needs and don’t realize that a massive project (even if it’s one that they’re currently working on) may need some special equipment. For example, where they thought they needed traditional crane service, they actually had a jack and slide project on their hands.   Our industrial rigging customers… Read more »

Planning for a Critical Lift

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It’s the duty of construction workers to use equipment to complete large projects. Cranes are essential for lifting and moving loads to otherwise inaccessible heights. However, some lifts are more dangerous than others, hence the designation of a “critical lift.” Today, we’ll cover the common definitions of a critical lift, and provide guidelines on how… Read more »

Life of a Lift Director

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Skilled construction workers can perform in many different roles throughout the day. When it’s time for a lift, worker roles become well defined, ranging from the rigger to the signal person. Overseeing lift operations is the Lift Director. Yet the role of a lift director includes so much more than oversight. Today, we’ll take an… Read more »

How is a Tower Crane Built?

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We’ve all seen tower cranes working on new high rises and skyscrapers. For those unfamiliar with tower cranes, their height may make one wonder how they’re built. After all, what other structure is tall enough to construct tower cranes? The answer is that these cranes build themselves from the foundation up. The key lies in the… Read more »

Used Cranes and Equipment

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With over 77 years of extensive experience in heavy lifting equipment, ranging from cranes to crawlers, you can rest assured that all of our used equipment is in tip-top shape. Read on to find out a little more about our used cranes and equipment, especially how we select and maintain this equipment to ensure that… Read more »

Cranes: To Rent or to Buy?

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Cranes are among the largest investments any construction company can make. And, when most people think about construction sites, they see at least a few cranes. Perhaps readers will be surprised to learn that most cranes are not bought or owned by the construction company using them, but rented. The choice between buying and renting… Read more »

When a Crane is Not Practical

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Cranes, particularly overhead cranes, are one of the most common sights on any construction or demolition site. Materials can be lifted to great heights, and their rotating axes allow for great range within a construction site. Nevertheless, cranes are not a universal choice for construction projects. Below are some scenarios where perhaps a crane is… Read more »

Crane Spotter Training: The Basics

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Ever What do crane spotters do?   Crane spotters (also called ‘observers’ or ‘signal people’) have been around since the popularization of industrial cranes, and little has changed in the many decades since. Spotters are essential to the safe operation of any project involving cranes, and their expertise is developed over years of on-site knowledge… Read more »

7 Things to Look For When Buying Used Equipment

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There are a few things in life that are guaranteed… like death, taxes, and buying something used that you will later regret. Whether it’s a used car or a Craigslist flat screen TV, it’s always good to be a bit cautious about used goods. Construction and hoisting equipment are no different. In fact, since the… Read more »