Safe Heavy Hauls Start with Louisiana Oversize Permits

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Sometimes, utilities and petrochemical equipment need to be moved over highways and, unfortunately, traffic delays are often part of getting this equipment where it needs to be.  Sometimes these loads require haulers to move utility lines, temporarily disrupting service to residents along the way. These disruptions on the nation’s highways are something we at H. Brown take seriously. We minimize… Read more »

Tower Crane Dogman Fail

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Here’s a video from our friends at This tower crane dogman has seen better days. Lucky for him his lapse in judgement didn’t cost him a foot … Or his life. A good dogman works on the ground and directs the crane with radios, whistle signals or hand signals, and he ALWAYS follows best… Read more »

Crane Safety in the Nuclear Industry

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Operating a crane can be dangerous if you aren’t doing it right.   Everyone know this.   In order to decrease the number of crane accidents on construction sites, construction companies have developed advanced planning procedures and training materials. OSHA inspections make sure of this. Crane manufacturers have also enhanced safety by providing improved and… Read more »

Do the Oversized Load Regulations Need to Change?

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It is well-known in the trucking industry that the oversized load regulations make it difficult for trucking companies to move cargo. When a shipment includes heavy or oversized cargo, the primary questions owner-operators and truck drivers ask are what permits are required and which bridges and roads can handle the loads safely. But with 50 states… Read more »

H. Brown is Louisiana’s Crane Service Putting Safety First

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Safe operation of mobile cranes requires a keen awareness of several, often interrelated, factors. Skipping over or inadequately performing safety procedures can result in crane failures and accidents. These cost money for the replacement of damaged or broken crane components, damage to the load, and damage to property on or near the job site. At worst,… Read more »