Tower Crane Dogman Fail

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Here’s a video from our friends at This tower crane dogman has seen better days. Lucky for him his lapse in judgement didn’t cost him a foot … Or his life. A good dogman works on the ground and directs the crane with radios, whistle signals or hand signals, and he ALWAYS follows best… Read more »

Heavy Haul Videos

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In for the HEAVY Haul   Heavy Haul trucking takes focus and passion. Loads have to be shipped professionally, safely, and on-time. It ain’t easy. That’s why it takes a pro to do it right. Getting a heavy load onto the trailer or transporter isn’t even the beginning. There’s a lot of thoughtful planning involved. That’s why finding videos… Read more »

What Do Rental Cranes Cost?

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  Ever wonder how much it costs to rent a crane?   No matter if your industry is demolition, construction, oil, or utilities, you might find yourself needing to rent a crane. If you’re in Lafayette, Opelousas, Lake Charles, Alexandria and Baton Rouge, listen up: You need to know about the different fees required for different types of projects…. Read more »

Crane Safety in the Nuclear Industry

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Operating a crane can be dangerous if you aren’t doing it right.   Everyone know this.   In order to decrease the number of crane accidents on construction sites, construction companies have developed advanced planning procedures and training materials. OSHA inspections make sure of this. Crane manufacturers have also enhanced safety by providing improved and… Read more »

4 Ways to Demolish Buildings

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There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and there’s more than one way to demolish a building.   There are many factors to consider before demolition can happen. Things like building material, location, and disposal methods. Here, we’ll discuss four of the common demolition procedures, and in which situations you should use each.  … Read more »

Do the Oversized Load Regulations Need to Change?

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It is well-known in the trucking industry that the oversized load regulations make it difficult for trucking companies to move cargo. When a shipment includes heavy or oversized cargo, the primary questions owner-operators and truck drivers ask are what permits are required and which bridges and roads can handle the loads safely. But with 50 states… Read more »

See the Biggest Crawler Cranes in the World

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If there’s one thing that gets any construction enthusiast out of their seats, it’s the sight of a huge crane in action. Being able to lift enormous materials with the power of today’s machinery is a genuine marvel of human engineering. Since their origins in ancient Greece, cranes have grown in size and power to… Read more »

Hauling Equipment in Construction

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One of the most important, but difficult tasks fleet managers face is moving heavy, oversized loads from one location to another. This job is no easy task, and it could easily harm someone who doesn’t have the right training and equipment. Hauling large, heavy loads requires: the use of hauling equipment in construction. It requires… Read more »

Hire a Crane

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Cranes have become a crucial aspect of building construction, due to the indispensable services they provide when it comes to moving heavy materials. They have been around since ancient times, and their development is interrelated with the emergence of new power sources that significantly reduce our lifting responsibilities. New crane models are even equipped with various features,… Read more »