Nuclear Transportation: Safe Delivery of Radioactive Materials

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Accidents like the ones at Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, or Fukushima have become reminders of nuclear power’s lethality and unpredictability. And yet, when it comes to heavy-haul transportation and the nuclear industry in the United States, such fears are largely unfounded thanks to stringent regulation and the professionalism of carriers like H Brown who specialize… Read more »

Demag HC 1020 Hydraulic Truck Mounted Crane (Price Reduced)

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Demag is a long-trusted brand of powerful all-terrain and crawler cranes. The Demag HC series is known as a workhouse on construction sites, and H. Brown is proudly offering a Demag HC 1020 hydraulic truck-mounted crane for sale. The updated price for the crane (pictured below) is $550,000. This telescopic truck crane, made in 1990, has 171 feet of main boom, 118 feet of fixed jib and 177 feet of telescopic lattice swingaway jib. It has two hydraulic hoist drums (one… Read more »

Tier 4 Mobile Cranes Meet Emissions Standards  

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Those of us who own, operate and service mobile cranes and heavy haul equipment know these monster machines aren’t cheap. That’s why we value a proper maintenance program. Keeping engines and machines maintained and clean means working with manufacturers and dealers to stay up-to-date on the technology that ensures reduced emissions and efficient operations without compromising power or overshooting the budget. The new technology under the hood of just about every machine that drives our… Read more »

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Compliance: H Brown Is Ready

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Are you ready for the new ELD rules? Carriers here in Louisiana are just a few weeks away from the electronic logging device (ELD) compliance date when trucking companies (including specialized carriers, heavy-haul services and crane companies) must comply with new rules on how drivers record the time they spend behind the wheel. The new federal rule, which goes into effect Dec. 18, requires the installation of ELDs in each… Read more »

Bull Rigging for Horizontal Moves in Confined Spaces

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What in the world is “bull rigging?” Though it might conjure images of cowboys hanging on for dear life as a bucking bull furiously tries to throw them to the ground, bull rigging is actually a technique H Brown’s experienced riggers use to move equipment within a refinery or other industrial facility. Bull rigging is sometimes referred to as “drifting,” “Tarzaning” or “hand rigging.” Even if you’ve… Read more »

Cranes and the Nuclear Energy Industry Infrastructure

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Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and their aftermath gave us a demonstration of the reliability of the nuclear energy infrastructure on the Gulf Coast. While the winds and rain battered Texas and Florida, reactors in the affected areas continued to run without incident. Reactor units near Baton Rouge and New Orleans also operated at full power during and after the storms. There… Read more »

Are You Looking for the Right Heavy Haul Company?

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Once you’ve hitched up a piece of heavy cargo to a trailer, a lot can go wrong. Your equipment has to be properly secured, the operator has to have all the necessary paperwork and you have to think about the other vehicles sharing the highway with your load. Before shipping heavy equipment, you need to get all your ducks in a… Read more »

Manual Chain Hoists: 5 Ways to Screw up the Lift

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Our hydraulic jacking systems let us move heavy equipment that weighs up to 1 million pounds, sometimes in hard-to-reach sectors of petrochemical and electric utilities facilities. We’re talking heavy, expensive equipment with not a lot of elbow room to maneuver. Sometimes, however, we don’t have to bring out the big guns to get the job done. Manual chain hoists… Read more »